"I said I could never do CrossFit. 3 & ½ years in and I’m still scaling things in almost every workout. I would tell others not to be intimidated but to try it out. You can scale anything! Whatever level you are at it doesn’t matter. You see these crazy workouts on YouTube and they can be intimidating. I never thought I would be able to do it, but three and a half years in and I am doing things I never thought I could do." – AIMEE 


"We have such wonderful coaches who have helped me to do more than I ever thought possible, who have made me much healthier and more functional each day." – EDWIN


"That's one thing I love about Crossfit no one ever really arrives. There is always a next level to reach for. The coaching, the community, the competition… It pushes you beyond what you think you are capable of." – JO


"The past (nearly) 5 years of this journey with Crossfit have completely redefined my approach to health and wellness." – ADAM


 "It (CrossFit) may seem intimidating because of what the activities are about, but it is worth it! Remember you can scale back, people are helpful, and it is welcoming for anybody and everybody. It is a great community and anyone can join in. It is at your own pace. Coaches are awesome. Jerrod & Amanda are great! I enjoy having a community and being focused on improvement. CrossFit is both a community and a lifestyle. It is all about being healthy and strong. After class, I walk away feeling better and stronger both physically and emotionally." – NEIL 


"Don’t give up! Keep going! In the beginning, it doesn’t feel like you would see a lot of results, but it comes a lot faster than you would think. A lot of people who knew me before and have seen me several years after are shocked to see the results. I was too skinny because I wasn’t taking care of myself. I am definitely healthier now thanks to CFL." – LARYSSA 


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