“We love seeing the changes people make when they join CrossFit Lynchburg.  Not just the physical changes, but changes in confidence and they way they feel about themselves.   Amanda and I know what people are capable of.  Average house moms, dads, and countless “non-athletes” have come to CrossFit Lynchburg and accomplished amazing things.  It’s the most rewarding part of owning CrossFit Lynchburg” – Jerrod Ruhl, Owner, CrossFit Lynchburg

CrossFit Lynchburg is owned by Jerrod & Amanda Ruhl.  They have owned CrossFit Lynchburg for 7+ years and have a background rich athletics and experience around elite level coaches.

Jerrod Ruhl loved athletics from a young age, playing a variety of sports.  While he enjoyed the variety, baseball became his favorite and he eventually acquired enough skill to play at the collegiate level at Liberty University.  It was during that time that he was introduced to the world of strength & conditioning.  Under the tutelage of Hall of Fame strength coach Dave Williams, Jerrod learned both basic and advanced weightlifting techniques.  He credits these years training under Coach Williams for his love of exercise and how to be an excellent strength & conditioning coach.  Jerrod’s credentials:  CrossFit Level 2, NSCA CSCS, USAW Sports Performance Coach, FMS Level 1.

Amanda Ruhl had a similar background, playing sports of all kinds growing up, but especially having a talent for speed.  In college she earned a spot on the Liberty University track team, running the 100m, 200m and 400m races. She too was an athlete under Coach Dave Williams, which also helped forge her love of exercise.  Amanda’s credentials: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids Certified, FMS Level 1.

Together, Jerrod and Amanda have a passion for exercise and for helping people meet their fitness goals.  In 2007 they discovered CrossFit, and found it to be the best method for general strength & conditioning.  They started coaching people in their garage- friends, relatives, anyone interested in exercising at all was invited over to the garage for “the best workout you’ve ever had”.  They also started coaching at CrossFit Lynchburg, helping founder Ryan Marano with group classes.  After a couple of years Jerrod and Amanda had the opportunity to buy CrossFit Lynchburg, and more than 5 years later the business is thriving.

Utilizing the CrossFit methodology of fitness and nutrition, they strive to teach functional fitness to anyone willing to work hard and learn.  Moms and Dads,  grandmothers and grandfathers, Special Forces, expectant mothers, high school and college students, military members, police officers, fire fighters, and regular folks like you and I, can all benefit and be positively impacted by our training regimen.

“CrossFit is for everyone; it’s scalable and adapted to the individual’s skill and ability level.”

Our members are our biggest asset, and we strive to foster a nurturing, caring community of fitness enthusiasts.  It’s truly amazing what the combination of competition and camaraderie can do for you!

To see for yourself, you have to come in and check it out.

If you’d like to try a class, your first day is free. The best way to get the most out of your visit is to contact us. Let one of our trainers show you what CrossFit is like, in person.

If you’re someone who:

  • Is working out but not getting results
  • Ready for the thrill of a new challenge
  • Miss being part of a team
  • Want the attention of a coach – not a cheerleader
  • Thrives off the excitement of a positive group class
  • Constantly pursuits improvement
  • And are ready to get in the best shape of your life…

Then you’ve found the right place.


  • Group CrossFit Classes instructed by Certified & Qualified CrossFit Coaches
  • Included Access to online community forum.
  • Multiple classes each day and open gym times.
  • CrossFit Lynchburg boasts the best CrossFit facility in the Lynchburg area – 5000 square feet of workout space and men’s and women’s bathrooms each with showers so you can get back to work/life after training.
  • Discounted rate on Additional Family Members (for when they finally see how amazing you’re doing!)

The best way to know if this is the best fit for you is to schedule your Complementary 1 on 1 intro session. It is the first step in your fitness journey.  Email  info@dev1.singletreemedia.org with questions.

Personal Training

CrossFit Lynchburg offers personal training for people of all fitness levels.  Whether you’re just getting started or want to hone your skills to a higher level, we will work with you one on one to help you reach your goals.  Email info@dev1.singletreemedia.org to schedule a session. Rates range from $65-$85/hour, we can do sessions with a single person or in groups of two.

Birthday Parties

CrossFit Lynchburg hosts birthday parties for kids on Saturdays.  Times available from 12:30pm – 2pm and 4:30pm – 6pm.  Price varies on number of kids.  Contact Amanda@dev1.singletreemedia.org for more details.






CrossFit Lynchburg Weightlifting Club is a USAW certified weightlifting club. We have two coaches certified through US Weightlifting and spend a lot of time each week coaching the snatch and clean & jerk. We also believe that being proficient at the Olympic lifts is a great foundation for excelling at CrossFit. If you are interested in learning the sport of weightlifting please contact us.