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Tuesday, Jul 27, 2021

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Warm Up
Estimated Total Session Time:
1 Hour (Everything Included)

**1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate**
Hip Halo Warmup
5 min AMRAP
1 min assault bike
5 World’s Greatest Stretch (each side)
3-inch worms

**2. Workout Prep**
1 set
10 Air Squats (fast)
20 Second Bike (at workout pace)

**3. Strength Prep**
– Body will be warm after the workout. While explaining the strength, have athletes start getting the bars and progress through the warm-up while adding weight to each set:

2 sets
5 Push-Ups (Slow negative)
10 Ring Rows
2 Bench Press (build-up to 75% in 3-4 working sets)

Rising Up
5 Sets
2:00 Amrap
30 Air Squats
Max Calorie Assault Bike/Echo bike
– Rest 2:00 between sets –

Bench Press 6×2
2 Bench Press x 6 sets @75% of 1RM

* Complete a set every 90 seconds *

Mayhem Ready: Medial Chain Forgotten Leg Structure
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