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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Warm Up
Estimated Total Session Time:
1 Hour (Everything Included)

**1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate**
Hip Halo Warmup
* 10 Sidestep R/L
* 10 Forward/Backwards Walk R/L
* 10 Glute Bridges
* 10 Single Leg Glute Bridges R/L
* 10 Bird Dogs R/L
* 10 Squats
3 rounds
1 round of Rowling (5 burpee penalty max)
5 Snatch Grip Push Press (empty bar)
3 Overhead Squats (empty bar)

**2. Workout Prep**
100m Row (workout pace)

**3. Strength Prep**
– Body will be warm after the workout. While explaining the strength have athletes start getting the bars and progress through the warm up while adding weight each set:
3 sets
3 Muscle Snatch
3 Hang Power Snatch
3 Overhead Squats
2 Squat Snatch (Singles)

Every min (12:00)
200/175m Row

Snatch 3-3-2-2-1-1
– 2×3 reps @ 70%
– 2×2 reps @ 75%
– 2×1 rep @ 80%.
* Rest 60-90 seconds between sets

Click “Workout prep notes available” directly below for the full description

In The Hole Front Squat 5×3
In Pause Front Squat:
– 5×3 (Build in weight, 3 second pause)
– Perform 5 squat jumps in between front squat sets.
* rest 60-90 seconds between sets *

Click “Workout prep notes available” directly below for the full description

1 min foam roll upper back
1 min forearm smash with barbell (each side)

Mayhem Ready How to Deal With Low Back Pump Out
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Every min (12:00)
150/125m Rowing Sprint

Snatch 3-3-2-2-1-1
Snatch Technique (10 Min)
– 2×3 reps
– 2×2 reps
– 2×5 reps
* Rest 60-90 seconds between sets

In The Hole Front Squat 5×3
Pause Front Squat:
– 3 x 5 (Build in weight)
– Perform 5 Squat Jumps in between front squat sets.
* rest 60-90 seconds between sets *

Click “Workout prep notes available” directly below for the full description

+2 points for 800g+
+2 points for Protein target

+1 point for qualifying Workout
+1 point for 7 hrs+ Sleep

6 possible points/day
Your gym lead defines what qualifies as a workout.
Sleep is 7 or more hours a night, measured with a tracker or as “time in bed” as 7.5 hours. Time in bed must be in sleeping mode (not watching TV, using phone, talking, etc).

Everyone knows the short-term effects of not enough sleep: groggy, less energy, less focused, a little moodier and less stress-tolerant. These don’t seem like a big deal because you can just go to bed a little earlier, right?

But it’s not just mood and mental clarity that sleep affects. In the long term, sleep disruption (which could be quantity or quality), is associated with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, weight gain, poorer immune system function, and metabolic syndrome. This is why sleep is included in the challenge. We can only get so far with diet and exercise before you have to consider sleep with regards to someone’s entire health picture. So before worrying about the next supplement for optimal health, are you crushing sleep hours consistently?

Coffee at 3 PM or a glass of wine after work can be tempting “pick-me-ups” after a long day. While neither is inherently bad, both can have downstream effects. Most notably, they can affect sleep duration and sleep quality. While some people are less affected by these dietary choices (hello, genetics! — it depends how fast you metabolize either substance), many of us experience less total sleep and/or less deep sleep when coffee or alcohol is consumed close to bedtime. Either you can’t fall asleep or you can’t stay asleep.

The result is that you are tired the next day. This disrupted sleep also changes hunger signaling: you are hungrier even when you have eaten enough calories. Re-read that.

In addition, you will likely not train as hard because you are tired. This is not a big deal when it happens sporadically. It’s a big deal when lots of days are like this. Eating a little more and training with less intensity each day starts to add up.

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