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Sunday, Apr 18, 2021

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Warm Up
250m easy
250m moderate
250m easy
250m moderate/fast
250m easy
250m fast

Isaiah Bradley (Beginners = 2000m PR above 8min)
Row “Aerobic Threshold”
4 sets:
3min at moderate,
3min at easy
-Rest 1min b/t sets-

*This workout can work for Teams, Groups, Classes & Beginners as it is a time based workout. It will keep everyone starting, transitioning, and ending at the same time

Isaiah Bradley (Intermediate = 2000m PR 7-8min)
Row “Aerobic Threshold”
4 sets:
700m at moderate,
500m at easy
-Rest 1min b/t sets-

Isaiah Bradley (Advanced = 2000m PR sub 7min)
Row “Aerobic Threshold”
4 sets:
900m at moderate,
700m at easy
-Rest 1min b/t sets-

Biscuits are Burning
For Time:
400m Overhead Walking Lunge (45 plate/25 Plate)

Cool Down
3min at easy “cool down” pace

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