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Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021

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Warm Up
Estimated Total Session Time:
1 Hour (Everything Included)

**1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate**
7 min AMRAP
30-sec assault bike
7 deadlifts (empty bar)
7 Snatch Grip Push Press from back rack
7 Sky Reacher Squats (each side – freehand on the floor or opposite foot)
7 jump squats

**2.Strength Prep**
Burgener Warm-Up Snatch (video link in coaches notes)
Shorten Version
2 sets
– With an empty bar –
5 Snatch Deadlifts
5 Snatch Shrugs
5 Snatch High Pull-Ups
5 Muscle Snatch
5 Overhead Squats
– into –
A 12-minute clock should start around this point. Athletes should look to hit a heavy single in 5-8 working sets. Athletes can shorten the rest between lifts on lighter weights and look to increase as weight goes up.-

**3. Workout Prep**
2 sets
30 Sec. Assault Bike (workout pace)
5 Deadlifts (add weight to each set)

Snatch 1×1
12 mins to establish Heavy Single Snatch

Click “Workout prep notes available” directly below for the full description

The Commissioner
For Time
90/70 Calorie Assault Bike or 75/60 Calorie Echo Bike
45 Deadlifts (225/155)

***Mobility Challenge***
Accumulate 3 minutes total of each:
– Squat Hold
– Pull Up Dead Hang

The Deadlift: Why Does The Back Round

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