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Start Your Day Right

By December 16, 2018No Comments

This is simple, so simple it seems stupid.  But I promise you’ll feel better after consistently doing it for 7 days…

Start every day by drinking 16oz of water.

Do this first thing when you wake up.

Do it before coffee.

Here’s a handful of benefits…

-It will get your metabolism going
-Hydrate you after a night of sleeping (you don’t drink water while sleeping)
-Flushes out toxins
-It’s good for your brain
-It’s good for your gut

I’ve read that there are even more benefits than these.  Everything from more energy to a better complexion.

I typically wait 20 minutes before drinking or eating anything else.

Give this a try, for at least a week, and 30 days would be better!

Would love to hear how you feel after trying this.  Shoot me an email at






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