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Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021

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Warm-Up With Chris Hinshaw
Chris Hinshaw is a professional triathlete, renowned endurance coach and instructor for the CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Course. At Tennessee Tech, Hinshaw leads a group of elite CrossFit Games competitors through a series of warm-up drills.

The drills—24 in all—begin with prep work for the hips and lower body. The first five are called high-knee karaoke, over the hurdle, knee to chest, figure four and lunge.

“So what we do … is we focus on the hips. We do a lot of emphasis there early on because that’s the area where CrossFit athletes are really the tightest,” Hinshaw explains to the group, which includes Games champs Rich Froning Jr. and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.

Drills six through 12 are called lunge with a torso twist, toe touch, high knees, butt kicks, straight leg, sidestep and sidestep jumping jack. Hinshaw then moves on to warming up the upper body with sitting arm swings and standing arm swings.

The next drills work on the knees and ankles: toes-out walk, toes-in walk, walk on heels, walk on toes, walk on outside of foot, walk on inside of foot and 50-yard hashmarks. The final drills feature short runs of 20, 40 and 60 yards at about 80 percent of max effort.

“The key to a good running warm-up is really not to overstretch your muscles. You want that tension. You want that spring-like effect,” Hinshaw says.

Warm Up
Estimated Total Session Time:
1 Hour (Everything Included)

**1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate**
3:00 Bike

– into –

## Hinshaw warm up written out
Perform each drill for 10m out, then walk back
1. High knee karaoke (over, over, walk, walk)
2. Over hurdle (heel, toe)
3. Knee to chest
4. Figure 4 (1 sec)
5. Lunge with reach overhead
6. Lunge torso twist (Pull hand)
7. Toy soldiers
8. High knee + arm swing
9. Butt kick + arm swing
10. Straight Leg (shallow heel)

20m out walk back
11. Side step out and back
12. Side step jumping jack out and back

13. Sitting arm swing (Elbow down and back) 20 sec
14. Standing arm swing (Elbow down and back) 20 sec

Perform each drill for 10m
15. Toes out walk
16. Toes in walk
17. Heels walk
18. Toes walk
19. Outside Foot walk
20. Inside Foot walk
21. 50m hash marks (fast feet) forwards & backwards
22. 30m (20m speed up, 10m to slow down)
23. 45m (35m speed up, 10m to slow down)
24. 60m (50m speed up, 10m to slow down)

**2. Workout Prep**
3 sets
100m Run (Build up to workout pace)
20 Sec. Bike (Build up to workout pace)
– rest 30 secs between sets –

Sept 21 Whiteboard

Sept 21 Workout

Alt. Back Rack Reverse Lunges 4×6 each leg
Back Rack Lunges for load:
#1: 12 reps
#2: 12 reps
#3: 12 reps
#4: 12 reps

For Time:
400m Run
40/34 Calorie Echo Bike
400m Run

* Assault Bike Calories: 50/40

Skills and Drills
5 Sets (1-3 Abmats)
5 Kick Up + 3 Second Descent + Strict Press

5 Sets (1-3 Abmats)
3-5 Kick Up + 3 Second Descent + Kick Down (reset)

5 Sets (From Box or Pike Position)
3-5: 3 Second Descent + Strict Press

* Use Dumbbells or Barbell overhead press as a substitute for athletes who struggle with stability.

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