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Sunday, Mar 7, 2021

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Warm-Up With Chris Hinshaw
The drills—24 in all—begin with prep work for the hips and lower body. The first five are called high-knee karaoke, over the hurdle, knee to chest, figure four and lunge.

Drills six through 12 are called lunge with a torso twist, toe touch, high knees, butt kicks, straight leg, sidestep and sidestep jumping jack. Hinshaw then moves on to warming up the upper body with sitting arm swings and standing arm swings.

The next drills work on the knees and ankles: toes-out walk, toes-in walk, walk on heels, walk on toes, walk on outside of foot, walk on inside of foot and 50-yard hashmarks. The final drills feature short runs of 20, 40 and 60 yards at about 80 percent of max effort.

Cake Eater
Run “Aerobic Capacity”
2 sets:
500m easy recovery run,
400m at fast run pace,
400m easy recovery run,
300m at fast run pace,
300m easy recovery run,
200m at fast run pace,
200m easy recovery run,
100m at fast run pace
100m easy recovery run
-no rest b/t reps-
-4min rest b/t set-

Cool Down
400m walk

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