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Celebrating 9 Years of CFL

By September 30, 2020No Comments

Amanda Ruhl Shares New Perspective Through Her Recent Health Journey 


In CrossFit “Prepare for the unknown & unknowable” is a common phrase. It means that we train so we are able to handle anything & everything that life throws at us, both physically & mentally. It means we don't specialize. It is a broad fitness that is functional for everyday life. I started training using the CrossFit methodology 10 years ago. Little did I know that my fitness over the past 10 years was going to be put to the test.


In 2019, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. After 2 years of symptoms & feeling like I was going crazy, I finally got the diagnosis & everything that I had been suffering from made sense. Lyme disease is a horrible disease. Thousands are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year. Most cases diagnosed early are easily treated and curable. For many others that are left untreated for months or years, it is a very different story. During the worst flare-ups, I would suffer from exhaustion, headaches, blurry vision, panic attacks, anxiety, depression & brain fog. My lips would swell, crack, bleed, peel, and burn. I literally could not smile because my lips were so swollen. When I worked out, I felt like I was wearing a weighted vest. My life changed significantly. 


Multiple doctors attempted diagnosing & treating my symptoms with no success. My doctors agree, that as bad as the past years were, it could have been so much worse. They are positive that my level of health and fitness was a big factor in me not being debilitated. CrossFit preserved my life! This past year has been a healing journey with traditional and non-traditional treatment. I am thankful for my health!


On September 29 Jerrod Ruhl & I celebrated 9 years as owners of Crossfitlynchburg. The health struggles have given me a new perspective on my role as a CrossFit Affiliate owner. I am indebted to create the best environment where others can achieve health and wellness through community fitness. Being in a supportive community played a big part in my healing. I am forever grateful to the members & coaches at CrossFit Lynchburg for their support & encouragement this past year. Thank you CFL family!

-Amanda Ruhl 

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