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CrossFit Lynchburg Weightlifting – Cycle 2, Week 1

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Cycle 2 Focus:
-Drill work or “barbell practice” that will help you make progress because you are hitting the right positions-Complexes that will work on a strong pull and speed under the bar
-Training loads mostly in 75% – 85% range
-Frequent ‘Work to a Heavy Single’, since you never know what weights can be lifted on any given day

Warm Up
50 Cal row or Airdyne
Hip Opener
Green Band Routine
“Bar Work”

Work to a Heavy Complex: Snatch + Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat

Clean & Jerk
See CFL main wod strength

Accessory Work
6 x 6 Glute Ham Raises (use weight if BW is too easy)

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