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Thanks to Joey Sandvig and Mike Denova

By October 1, 2014No Comments

September 30, 2014 marked the 3 year anniversary for Amanda and I running
CrossFit Lynchburg.  I’d like to take the Joey ANd Mikeopportunity to thank two special people that helped make it all possible.

Joey Sandvig and Mike Denova have been coaches with CrossFit Lynchburg since we took over back in 2011.  That’s three years of coaching, every week, never missing a single class.  They are both utterly reliable, which from the owners perspective is HUGE.

They are also both excellent coaches – if Gregg Glassman were to walk in CrossFit Lynchburg today while either of them were coaching, I’d be proud and confident with their abilities to teach the movements we do in CrossFit, and their ability to run an organized class.  I week doesn’t go by without a member coming up to me and telling me how awesome Joey and Mike are.

Thanks to both of you guys for your dedication and hard work.  We couldn’t have done it without you.


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