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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Wednesday commences the first day of training of 2013 at CrossFit Lynchburg.  I hope all of you are refreshed and ready to set some goals and work hard this year.  The CrossFit Games start in March, so now is a good time to go at your training 100%.  Set some long and short term goals.  Start with going to the box 3 days a week.  No exceptions.  Next set some short term goals for key lifts – increase your squat 3% over the next month, or increase your clean 1lb each week, etc.  Once you achieve this goal, set another.  You will be surprised how much progress you’ll make setting relatively easy short term goals.  Each of these goals you achieve will stack on top of each other, and over the course of the year, add to up to some impressive gains.

These gains in strength will lead to faster metcon times.  Set a goal to improve your FRAN, GRACE and HELEN times by 15 seconds each.  These little successes will lead to more successes, and that will lead to more progress and more fun in the gym.

We will have a Paleo workshop on Saturday, January 19th and our box Paleo challenge starts on February 1st.

We look forward to working with each of you.  Our coaches are ready to help in any way possible.  Good luck!

Clean & Jerk
5 x 1
-Do one set every 2 minutes

For Time:
7-5-3 Rope Climb (sub pull ups, using same reps as push press below)
14-10-6 – Push Press (165/110)
150 Double Unders

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