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Kelly Starrett on the Bottom Position of the Squat

By November 6, 2011No Comments

I’ve posted a few videos on our Facebook page from Kelly Starrett, and our recommendation is that you bookmark his mobilitywod website and check it out every day.  A HUGE element of fitness is mobility, and it’s easy to do our strength work and our metabolic conditioning and leave out our stretching and mobility work.  One particular position that a lot of athletes struggle with is the bottom position in the squat.  This also happens to be a position that we spend a lot of time in receiving snatches and cleans and of course squatting.   Watch this video by Kelly and work on it today.  Sunday is a great day to work on mobility, you can get in different positions while watching your favorite sporting event on TV.  I promise working on this will reap great rewards at the gym.


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