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Donny Shankle

By October 16, 2011October 21st, 2011No Comments

We have a lot of great athletes in this country, and when putting together a top ten list of America’s greatest athletes, most lists include athletes from mainstream sports and possibly one or two from the more popular Olympic sports.  There is however, another group of athletes that get very little attention but that exhibit amazing athletic ability.  This athlete is is the weightlifter and they compete in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.  This sport has its own national champion and even world champion every single year, you just don’t ever hear about it.  So let me introduce you to the current American National Champion in the 105kg weight class, Donny Shankle.  You may not have heard of Donny, but you should have.  He won’t get the attention of athletes in mainstream sports, but he should.  Do a Google search on Donny Shankle and see what you find – a ton of you tube videos of Donny’s lifts, a great interview outside California Strength and Donny’s very inspirational blog.  I recommend you check this out and next time you’re discussing great athletes, don’t forget to add Donny to the list.

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