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Belly Fat? Lose it. by Charles Poliquin

By October 3, 2011December 13th, 20192 Comments

This is a great article by Charles Poliquin.  Poliquin, in case you haven’t heard of him, has been training high level professional and Olympic athletes for years.  This article reviews studies done that show anaerobic exercise is the most effective way to burn fat.

“Based on the clear evidence that high-intensity anaerobic-style exercise is best for burning visceral and total body fat, it’s reasonable to make the conclusion that high-intensity resistance training would be effective as well. For example, circuit training with heavy weights can be effective for hypertrophy, and it triggers a potent growth hormone release, leading to more fat burning.”

I’ve pasted the link to the whole article here.

It seems like every time someone wants to lose weight they say “Guess I better get my running shoes and jog a little”.  This drives me nuts.  It seems fairly obvious to me that sprinters carry more muscle and lower body fat and are a lot more athletic, and look a lot more useful than distance runners.

Anyway, this fits right into what CrossFit is all about.  Be athletic, learn new things, build muscle, sprint, work hard and fast.  This article puts some more science behind what we know to be effective.  I hope you enjoy it.



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  • Ryan says:

    as much as i agree with this, the picture is a mis-representation of what distance runners look like. they took a picture of an extreme example of a distance runner at the end of a marathon and compared it to a 100m sprinter in the middle of his race. Of course the marathoner is going to look unhealthy. This is an extreme and should not be used to discourage people from running distance, which is what i think the picture does. there should be a better picture for the distance runner where he does not look sickly.
    i do get the point of the article and understand the impetus, i just want people to not feel like running anything longer than 2 minutes will make you look sick and decrepit. apart from the picture, the article is great and spot on.

    • jerrod says:

      The picture is certainly not a representation of all distance athletes. There are many with strong, lean builds that look nothing like the runner in the picture. I hope all you distance athletes out there don’t take offense. Article is meant to make the point that people need to sprint more and not just run or jog for distance. I’m sure even the longest of distance athletes would agree with this.

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